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“Every Call is Made With The Hunter in Mind.”

Kevin Bartley

Owner / Operator

My name is Kevin Bartley and I love turkey hunting and turkey calls. My passion for this sport turned into an obsession for the perfect turkey call.

This passion has led me down the path of making turkey calls and GobbleStalker Calls. I have been creating custom turkey calls since 2004 and have enjoyed making each and every one. My pot calls are 100% custom and turned one at a time on my lathe. Each call is turned, finished, assembled and signed by me personally. Every call is pre tested for crisp yelps, clear breaks and is made with the hunter in mind.

If I wouldn’t hunt with the call, I don’t expect you to.

All of my custom pots come with a lifetime warranty. You break it, I fix it. If I can’t fix it I will make you a new pot. That is my personal guarantee to you.

Over the years the GobbleStalker Calls line has expanded to include: diaphragm calls, box calls, pushpin calls and a production line of pot calls in slate and glass.

My goal is to stuff as much turkey in each call as I can. My rewards are the stories of success.

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The passion never dies and the adventure always seems to keep going. Thank you for letting GobbleStalker Calls be part of your hunting experience.

GobbleStalker Calls “Where Dreams End & Memories Begin!”


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